Technology Driven Business Solutions

Front Office • Engineering • Shop Floor

Business Solutions

Front Office

  • Business Process Consulting
  • Website Design
  • Corporate Intranets
  • IT Management


  • CAD Library Management
  • CAD Programming
  • Standards Development
  • Mass Data Conversion

Shop Floor

  • ERP & PLM Integration
  • Revision Management
  • Shop Data Reporting
  • Custom Software


Automotive Manufacturing

Shop Floor Data

A major automotive manufacturer in southeast Michigan invited us to solve their time consuming task of converting CMM quality data into executive reports. We successfully developed a Microsoft Excel based software solution that completely automated the report creation and helped them standardize related business procedures on their plant floor.

Online CAD

Online CAD Development

EQ is a family owned machine shop and component provider to the automotive and aerospace industries. We created an interactive website for them which allows their customers to quickly design and download customized 3D CAD models of their products for design use. The products rendered using our software are then ordered from EQ on a Bill Of Materials with quality assured by the tightly controlled process.

PLM and ERP Project

PLM Consulting

A local build shop was looking to document the use of their existing ERP / PLM system from both the user and IT administrative persepctives. We created a comprehensive user manual and adminstrative guide, helping them to better understand the funcionality and capabilities while highlighting potential future issues. This has allowed for optimial use of the current system while mapping out their future ERP / PLM strategy.